Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chocolate Chips

I made blood orange cupcakes last night. They taste like a creamsicle dream. I even added chocolate chips to make them rich and lovely. But I learned a hard lesson. The truth about chocolate chips is that you have to flour them before you dump them in the batter, especially if the batter is thin because they will just sink and be sad and look like little poops at the bottom of your cupcake. Then they will melt together and when you try to eat them, you eat the paper wrapper too. 

The cupcakes are still totally edible and perfectly appropriate for this sunny day. The sun also means that our little lettuce sprouts are genuinely sprouting! And they are desperately leaning towards the window to get to the sunlight which is equal parts funny and worrisome. According to Paul we have 100% germination. So I'm guessing that's a good thing.

Today I'm wearing shorts and despite the fact that it rained all yesterday, I'm hoping for clear weather the entire day today. I feel like nothing can go wrong. I will be finished with work in a few hours and then I plan on having a picnic with Paul and maybe ordering myself some colorful knives to go with my beautiful new cutting board. I may even sneak in some more cupcakes. 

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