Friday, February 10, 2012

Brief Friday

It may appear like my life is boring, because here is another Friday of rock climbing, Red Wagon Creamery, rain, and watching Lost all day with Paul. But that's my life right now, and it's honestly pretty great. Paul and I tried honey hazelnut flavored ice cream today along with our favorite smoked salty caramel. It was beyond words, as usual. As if fairies were dancing on my tongue. 

This was a crazy week at school and I think the weather is starting to get to me. I am craving summer and have frequently fantasized about wearing shorts without tights underneath and riding my bike without wearing mittens. Paul and I treated ourselves to fried egg sandwiches after rock climbing today. We actually got the sandwiches after we got the ice cream, because we're weird like that. I just realized we got veggie burgers at a diner last week after rock climbing and after ice cream, too. We must be really weird. While it is currently miserable and rainy outside, if it's nice tomorrow, Paul and I are going to go volunteer at the Urban Farm. Hopefully this is the start of a relaxing weekend because I could sure use a break.

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