Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today Paul and I had big plans. We were going to attend the Oregon Truffle Festival held in Eugene this year. Red Wagon Creamery was going to be there with a honey hazelnut truffle hot fudge sundae. This, honestly, was the main reason I wanted to go. But before we paid for our tickets, we took a peek inside. It was a small venue crowded full of older couples in fancy clothes. It wasn't really our scene, so we went to Voodoo Doughnuts instead. 

While Paul and I were eating and hanging out with the Ken Kesey statue, we were approached by a man who wanted to borrow one of our phones. We politely told him no and he began to walk away. But then he came back! He had a vaguely Scottish accent and he told us several stories of how his father owns all of the markets in the world and how it would blow our mind. Maybe he thought that was unrealistic, because as he walked away he said that he really only controlled 80% of the world. 

It was cloudy and cold and we encountered several Eugene crazies while walking around downtown. Maybe normal people stay inside on days like today. Now it is raining and we are stuck doing homework that we avoided yesterday while it was still merry and bright. While I didn't get to pet any truffle pigs and didn't get to eat a hot fudge truffle sundae today, we did get some doughnuts out of the deal, so it wasn't so bad after all. 

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  1. Hey Chicken. Sounds like a pretty awesome day to me. Hooray for donuts and days of wandering. I miss them both! xo