Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Terrible Awful

Here I am, in all my glory. No makeup. No shower for days. You might ask yourself why this young lady hasn't showered since Tuesday and has allowed herself to be photographed practically crying from the agony of it all. I will tell you. This is our sixth day without a working water heater, and it's January. Cold, cold water. The electricians and plumbers are stumped. This means no showers and no clean dishes So here I am: bare faced and cold on my way to the record store to return an unsatisfactory The Cure album.

Although it wasn't totally a terrible awful day. It was brisk and sunny outside and Paul made me some glorious cauliflower pasta. And in exchange for The Cure record, I got The Bangles and Cher. Paul doesn't believe me yet, but Cher is awesome, and I won't hear otherwise.

The highlight of today, though, was a nice warm shower. It was at the Student Rec locker room and not at home, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

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