Saturday, January 28, 2012

Red Wagon Creamery

The sun has been smiling all today. I'm used to Oregon winter days where it's sunny yet deceivingly cold. This was not one of those days, because today I went outside without a jacket. I went outside without a jacket and then ate ice cream. This doesn't happen to me; I am always cold.

Paul sometimes even calls me "Cold-ilocks." 

Seeing as it has been so delightfully warm, Paul took me out to ice cream. Every Friday and Saturday, Red Wagon Creamery, sets up a booth in a cafe only a block away from our house. It's run by an adorable family and they were so nice, they even gave use a coupon for next time. And believe me, there will be a next time. We are going to make this our weekend tradition. I plan to go there so often that they will be practically forced to give me a job over the summer.

We got two giant scoops of ice cream. One was a coffee flavor made with coffee from our favorite cafe, The Wandering Goat, which was appropriately named Frozen Goat. The other flavor we had was caramel. I have had caramel ice cream before, even salted caramel. But this was in its own universe. This was smoked and salted caramel ice cream with huge chunky ribbons of soft caramel running through it. I've seen a quote floating around the internet that says "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Well, that's a big fat lie. Skinny doesn't taste as good as this. 


  1. umm, if that ice cream was only a block away from my house once a week i'm pretty sure it would become a weekly ritual. actually, i'm positive it would. YUM.

  2. Yeah this could get dangerous...It will be nice in the summer though, once the Pacific Northwest is done having crappy, cold, cloudy, rainy weather!