Saturday, January 21, 2012

Home Slice

Today, despite a short rain storm or two, was actually really lovely. The wind nipped at us a little bit, but the sun was shining and I am grateful for that. 

Paul and I would love to open a restaurant someday; Paul thinks Home Slice would be a clever (and hopefully not cheesy) name for a future restaurant. Keep in mind, that this would probably have to serve a lot of pies. Luckily we have perfected Banoffee Pie, but one of our other favorites is Cornmato Pie. It is a savory pie with a biscuit crust and a corn, tomato, and cheese filling. It's to die for. I made it for my family on Thanksgiving, and Paul and I make it quite often here in Eugene. I found the recipe through The Oregonian here.

After we made dinner, I did the dishes, and Paul and I sang ourselves through the entire Mumford and Sons album. I am a little hoarse, but very happy and my belly is thoroughly satisfied. 

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