Monday, January 9, 2012

Balloon Ascension Day

I've got these friends. Their names are Muhammad and Leanne. Leanne is practically an Olympic skier and Muhammad really loves apple juice. According to Muhammad's calendar, today was Balloon Ascension Day. Seeing as any holiday is a reason to celebrate, Paul, Muhammad, Leanne, and I decided to make a double date out of it. Also in addition to it being the first day back to school, our water heater was fixed today. So life is good and Balloon Ascension Day definitively happened. We got our balloons from Hirons, this crazy five and dime everything shop next to Leanne's apartment. That place made me hyperventilate slightly the first time I went in, but now I'm a seasoned pro and we went straight to the back to get the balloons.    

We all wrote little messages and our phone numbers on our balloons. We're hoping someone finds one and gives us a call. Paul and I have had great luck with this. Two summers ago we let a balloon go in Portland and two hours later we get a call from a little old lady in Washington who found it on her doorstep. True story. It was a wonderful day.

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